Consulting services

Are you looking for advice on how to achieve a seemingly impossible goal in your image processing project? Do you need help fixing a design issue in your video processing software? I offer consulting services in the area of image and video processing which will help move your project forward. All services are billed hourly to allow for maximum flexibility. The rate depends on your requirements. I will be happy to provide you with a quote once you tell me about your project.

I have many years of experience in image and video coding, compression, encryption, watermarking and much more. In addition, I am experienced in processing and protecting security-critical and privacy-critical data of all kinds. Whether you need a purely practical solution, a thoroughly researched (scientific) approach or anything in between, I can provide either with my background in both areas. I worked on projects for companies such as Sony and Authentic Vision and I am curious to hear about your company’s project.

If you would like to find out whether I can help you with your particular project, please feel free to contact me.