File Copier

File Copier is a multi-lingual (English and German) program which is capable of copying multiple files, detecting corrupt ones and filling unreadable data with dummy data so that the files can possibly be restored. This enables copying files, e.g., from corrupt CDs and hard drives when Windows Explorer aborts the copying process due to I/O errors, failing to copy the corrupt files.

A number of options is available to deal with corrupt files, including different filling options with dummy data and the adaption of the number of bytes read per try to increase the amount of recoverable data. To specify which files to copy, File Copier offers a variety of filtering options, including combinations of pre-configured filters, file-, folder- and subfolder-based exclusion and regular expressions.

Besides its core functionality, i.e. copying files, File Copier offers a variety of other features, including copying file and folder permissions, omitting directories for which the current user lacks access permissions and the ability to drag and drop files from Windows Explorer into the program. In addition, it is possible to pause and resume the copying process.

This program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


Current version: 1.1 (April 5, 2009)