DSTP Terminplaner

DSTP Terminplaner is a multi-lingual (English and German) date management suite with advanced multi-user capabilites, like date synchronization (with configurable permissions) and messaging. Besides different views of dates and date ranges, DSTP Terminplaner comes with an integrated date search and the possibility to set multiple alarms per date.

For advanced users, DSTP Terminplaner provides its own scripting language and environment which allows automating tasks, like the creation and modification of dates. For convenience, a script editor with an integrated compiler is shipped with DSTP Terminplaner. The help files, which are available below, include a list of available commands and additional example scripts.

DSTP Terminplaner comes with detailed German help files and has been tested under Windows 98, 2000 and XP.

This project is no longer maintained.

Current version: 1.6 RC 5.2A (December 13, 2004)